New Jobs for Sanpete and Other Counties

When construction of the Narrows begins, it will create several hundred new jobs. Equipment operators, engineers, truck drivers, laborers, managers and a variety of others will be needed to build the dam and reservoir, the nearby campground, boat ramp and other recreation facilities, and to re-locate a section of State Road 264.

As much as possible, local people will be hired to do these jobs.

Total budget to build the Narrows is $34 million. Based on statistics provided by President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, a project that size will require 369 man-years to build (the amount of work one man can accomplish in 369 years).

Thus, if 369 people were hired, it would take one year to do the work. If 185 people were hired--a more likely number--it would provide two years of employment for those 185 people.

The Sanpete Water Conservancy District (the organization which will build and manage the Narrows Project) is firmly committed to giving first hiring priority to citizens of Sanpete and other nearby counties when the project is built. The money spent to build The Narrows should benefit local families and businesses to every possible extent.